I have this theory that in order to enjoy sex more, we need to feel like there is actually some one leading.  It is distracting to our minds to be wondering, is he going to do something, or am I supposed to do something. So in honor of my class tonight on “how to have an orgasm during intercourse”, take the lead at least once this week when you have sex. Go on a journey of what feels good to you. Rub his shaft on your vulva to see what feels good. Take him inside of you and just sit still while you feel him and let your body awaken to him. Move in ways that put pressure and tension on your sweet spots, and thank God for every new sensation that you feel.

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  1. I just found your blog and really love your tone, advice, and warmth, providing not only general advice, but specific advice like this. Some other blogs don’t get enough into specific ideas and you do.. I particularly loved this post – taking the lead really can have an impact! Men love it when we take the lead, it excites them to know we want them as much as they want us.

    • Thanks, and welcome. Since I am not anonymous, it can be challenging to know where to draw the line, but I figure if I can talk about it in class, than I can talk about it online.

      • I completely understand. Even being anonymous, it can be hard to know what to say in a comment. However, real advice and insight on a subject like this comes from real experiences, which sometimes involve details and specifics. I know, personally speaking, there are specific sexual acts that have a profound impact on me and so it would be difficult to discuss sexuality without getting into them. So, I appreciate the stance you’ve taken and nothing on your blog crosses any lines, from my vantage point. Keep it up!

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