What is holding YOU back?

So, why don’t you think you deserve it?

Maybe you are just apathetic and don’t think that it is that important to you. I constantly hear from wives that they want their husbands to open up, and share their feelings and deepest longings. Sex is one of the mysterious ways that God gets men to open up. Sex is also one of the mysterious ways that God teaches wives to live in the moment, to stop worrying, to let go of control, to feel, to live. Wake up! Sex is important!

If you still feel guilty about the lines you crossed before marriage, it is time to get over it. If you have repented and confessed it to God, he has forgiven you. Have you forgiven yourself?

Sexual abuse affects at least 30% of us by the time we are out of college. It can make us feel dirty and unworthy. It can make us hate men and sex. It can make us disconnect from our feelings. If you have ever been sexually abused, you need to talk to somebody about it. Secrets hold us in bondage and it is time to be set free. If you really struggle in this area, you need to get professional help in order to be set free. You deserve to be fully healed so that your marriage can flourish. Don’t wait. Get help now.

For many women there is a huge division between being Godly and sensuous. A good Christian wife would never enjoy doing __________ with her husband.  A good Christian wife wouldn’t enjoy sex that much or that often. Can we actually picture ourselves, confident enough to share with our husband what we want and desire, what makes us hot, what turns us on? Can’t we have hot sex in marriage as God intended.

Maybe you’ve just struggled physically to respond for so long that you think you are broken.  And the harder you try, the more hopeless it seems. Don’t give up. Talk to a friend, talk to a doctor, read a new book. Go on a journey of discovery and thank God for every new sensation that you experience. Imagine that your body awakens and allow yourself to feel sensuous. There is always hope.

Maybe you have limited what you allow yourself to enjoy because you think that the only real way to have sex is intercourse. You might allow yourself to enjoy that stuff as foreplay, but you will finish with intercourse, whether you make it to the finish line or not. Read Song of Songs, they enjoyed all kinds of lovemaking and it was all good.

Next week talk about “What is SEX”

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