Do You Deserve It?


“Do I need to have an orgasm? I just enjoy feeling close to my husband.”

“Sometimes I don’t say anything because I don’t want to make my husband feel bad.”

“It seems like so much pressure to expect myself to be able to have an orgasm every time.”

Women seem so willing to settle when it comes to sex.

Can you imagine a husband saying, “Don’t worry about me. I just enjoy feeling close to you,” as they watch us experience fireworks that shudder through our entire body.  Fireworks that spread a sense of euphoria that leaves us unable to speak, think, or move. Time after time, they bow out saying, “don’t worry about me – it is too much time, too much work, too much trouble”. It’s hard to imagine isn’t it?

And yet we wives do it all the time. We are content to believe that it is just the way we are made. We are just tricky and it is just not going to happen. We have to have the right romance, emotional attachment and the planets aligned in order for the fireworks to launch.

Did you know that women who masturbate reach orgasm 95% of the time?

Did you know that women who enjoy oral sex, reach orgasm 81% of the time?

Did you know that the clitoris is made for one thing – your pleasure?

Did you know that for thousands of years, sex has been defined in terms of what brings a man to orgasm – vaginal intercourse?

Now my intent is not to put extra pressure on anyone. And for sure, sometimes it takes time to figure things out, and we should enjoy the journey as we get there.

But the question is “Do you deserve it”?

Think about it? Do you really believe that God wants you to enjoy sex and crave it every bit as much as your husband?

So what is holding you back?


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