Back at It

It has been almost a month since my last post. My daughter got married in our back yard, out of town family came and went, and daughters were packed up bound for college. Summer has flown by and the time to sit down to think and write just didn’t happen. There were several times that topics came up that I wanted to write about, but I felt like I could not do them justice in the little time I had.
The longer I went without writing, the harder it was to start. The longer I went, the more I felt like I didn’t even know where to start. The longer I went, the more I doubted whether it really even made a difference.
It sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? It sounds kind of like sex….
The longer I go without sex, the harder it is to enter into it again. I get to the point where I can just take it or leave it and I have to make a conscious decision to make it a priority.
The longer I go without sex, the harder it becomes to respond. I recall many times when I have told my husband, “what if I don’t remember what to do?” It has taken a patient husband and me trusting him enough to gently reawaken my body.
The longer I go without sex, the more I doubt how important it is for my marriage. Does sex really make a difference, or maybe we could just live together and be best friends.
Sex does make a difference, it is a big deal. It is one of the ways that God connects me to my husband and He makes us one. Sex creates the difference between best friends and marriage, it makes us one.
And so today, out of an obedience to strengthen marriages, I choose to sit down and write. Today, out of a knowledge that it will get easier, I start typing, and wrestling with the words, and slowly things start to flow easier. Today, I trust that God will make a difference in some ones marriage.

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  1. I always appreciate your timing. I have been having problems getting back into the spirit of wanting sex for the connection to my husband since I was cleared by the dr after my c-section. This is very helpful to me right now.

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