Time to Revive

revivere·vive – verb
 1. restore to life or consciousness
2. to give new strength or energy to
3. to regain life, consciousness, or strength
The last couple of days I have stepped completely out of my comfort zone and joined with Time to Revive in North Minneapolis to tell others about the amazing gift that God gave us when Jesus took our sins on the cross. I have prayed with complete strangers, heard their stories, and walked them through the gospel message. It  has been both terrifying and exhillarating, but it is leading to new life in both the people I encounter, but also in me. As I step out and become more dependent on God, it is changing me and I am able to love others better.
We also need to revive our marriages. I don’t think it is a one time deal. It is a constant, intentional decision that we make. We need to restore our marriages to life, give them new strength and energy and regain life.   If we do not constantly revive our marriage, this world will erode it.
One of the training sessions I thought was especially applicable to marriage…
1. LOVE – Before we approach our husbands, we need to make sure that we are coming to them out of an attitude of love. If we are coming to them with an attitude of judgement, they will not hear us, they will shut down or put up walls. When we put ourselves aside and approach with an attitude of compassion and humility, our husbands will  open up. I have wives tell me all the time that they just wish their husbands would share more. The first step is to take a look at ourselves to see if we are judging them or  loving them exactly as they are.
2. LISTEN –  We need to speak less and listen more.  Don’t just listen to their words,  listen beyond the words and try to hear their heart. Ask questions, ask about what interests them, get excited about what excites them. You may have to get rid of the distractions – tv, phones, and computers. Sometimes for men, talking side by side while enjoying an activity or project together, can feel more natural. Make it your life’s passion to know your spouse.
3. DISCERN – There is no other way to do this than with the Holy Spirit. Filter and measure everything through God’s word and what He is speaking to you. Discern when to speak, when to serve, when to lay down, when to  touch, when to ask, when to wait, when to pray. In all that you do, filter it through the Holy Spirit.
4. RESPOND –  How can you love your husband better? What can you do that will make a difference in their life?  How can you serve them? What can you change that will make a difference in your relationship? How can you encourage them? What can you pray?
Doesn’t exactly sound easy, does it?
That’s why we need God. Rely on Him for everything. Your worth is in Him. You are a beloved daughter of the King. You are His Bride.

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  1. Beautiful application toward marriage, Ruth. I’ve truly felt blessed and honored to participate in the Revive ministry but hadn’t thought of how I could or should apply that to my marriage. Thank you for your godly insight!

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