Summer Vacation Sex

La_Conner_July_4th_Family_Vacation4th of July is almost here and many of us will be heading out on vacation to soak up some sun, play with our kids, bike, swim, camp or whatever it is that you enjoy. For those of us with kids, at times it can feel like anything but a vacation. By the time we have packed everyone up, planned the meals, remembered the sunscreen and the bug spray and dealt with the disruption of regular schedules, we are ready for a vacation from vacation. Often, sex is the last thing on our mind during vacation, but if you are open, vacation can offer some unique possibilities for connecting with our spouse.

Different Location – Here’s your chance for variety… A different bed, a tent, under the stars, on a boat… don’t limit the possibilities and keep your eyes open for unique opportunities. Even if it doesn’t happen, just thinking about it and sharing it with your spouse can be exciting.

In house baby sitters – if you are vacationing with family or friends, take advantage and ask if they would be willing to watch your kids while you go out on a date for dinner, or to just grab a beer. If you don’t have kids, offer to take care of someone else’s kids and send them out on a date. Make sure that part of your vacation is connecting as a couple

God’s creation – Enjoying God’s creation can be an amazing way to connect with each other and with God. Turn off the electronics, take walks, enjoy a nap in the sun, feel the breeze in your hair, go skinny dipping. Slow down and enjoy what God has created for you.

Close quarters – It is not unusual during vacations that you find yourself sharing tight quarters with kids or extended family. In the past, I probably would have let my husband know that there was not an inkling of a possibility that he would get lucky tonight for fear that someone might be hear. I’ve since decided that trying to stay as quiet as possible can just add to the excitement.

What if someone knows what we are doing –  consider it an opportunity for others to learn how fun it can be to be married. If anyone brings it up, here is your chance to speak up for the importance of sex in marriage.

Have a great 4th of July and enjoy some great vacation sex


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