Women of Strength

Quotation-Lydia-Brownback-giving-god-women-strength-joy-Meetville-Quotes-73714Saturday I leave for a week with the senior high as we head to Frontier Lodge in Alberta Canada for an adventure camp filled with climbing, repelling, canoeing, and mountain biking. Our theme for the girls is “Women of Strength” and I’ve been spending some time thinking about what  a woman of strength looks like…

She is proactive not reactive – she does not let her situation control her but she has a focus of where she wants to go and she continually takes steps to get there. We need to make a plan so our days do not become just getting through the day.

She lets her actions speak not her words –  We can talk about doing something or making a change and until we take a step, nothing changes. We need to be women of action.

She depends on God for all that she is – Fear holds us back from so much that God wants to bless us with. It was not until I truly realized that I had absolutely no control over my life,  but God did, that I stepped into living fully.

She is comfortable with her self – We need to be comfortable with our strength and our beauty. We are an amazing creation of God and He has much more in store for us than we can possibly imagine. Who are we to hold ourselves back and cower in the corner because we are afraid we might either fail or stand out.

She is passionate – God is a God of passion. He hates it when we are luke warm. Get excited about something, throw yourself in, live big.

One of my daughter’s favorite quotes is “Well behaved women rarely make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I want to be a woman of strength. A woman that lives big,and that passionately  loves God, her husband and her kids. A woman that is willing to take action when God calls and stop just talking about it. I want to be fearless, dependent on God and absolutely directed by the Holy Spirit.

So what does this have to do with sex? Everything…Read the qualities again, all things that would lead to a better sex life in our marriage. Something to think about.

Your mission –  take advantage of the beautiful weather and have sex outside in a tent or just open your windows and imagine you are outside.


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