What’s underneath counts

bras-and-underwear-247x300I’ve been spending quite a bit of time down in my basement lately working on a couple of woodworking jobs that I picked up. I have to be honest, it’s not pretty.  When I’m dressed to work, usually it’s old tennis shoes, a pair of paint covered over sized jeans so that I can bend over without the moon coming out, an old long sleeved work t-shirt and a disgusting woodworking smock on top. Sexy is the last thing that I feel.

Our clothes affect how we feel. They can give us the vibe of feeling hot and somehow it leads us to think about sex a little more during the day. Clothes that feel good on our skin, can make us more aware of touch and just how good it feels to be touched. Colors can set the mood. How many of us have a little black dress? Black is sexy, our husbands know it. It is their number one color for us to wear in lingerie.

So what do I do on those days when practicality calls for me to wear something less that desirable? I make sure I have on underwear that makes me feel sexy. Sexy starts with what we know about ourselves and not what  anyone else can see. It flows from the inside out. In “The Good Girl’s guide to Bad Girl Sex”, one of the first exercises she assigns, is to ruthlessly go through your underwear drawer and get rid of all your old rags. You know the ones I’m talking about; the stained ones, the battered ones, the ones left over from when you were pregnant. Clear it out. Don’t keep any of it unless you would want to be wearing it when the sexiest man alive (hopefully your husband) seductively undresses you. Then go get somethings that makes you feel great. Things that feel good next to your skin, that show your curves, and that look beautiful.


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