Enhancing your Senses

chocosundaeThe last facet of cultivating a supersexual mindset is enhancing your senses. Really I could do a whole series on how to enhance each sense and I may some time in the future, but for now, let’s just tackle the sense of taste.

In class we practiced focusing on the sense of taste by slowly letting a Dove dark chocolate melt in our mouth with our eyes closed. The room was so quiet, I felt like every sound was magnified and people must have been able to hear every swallow. The chocolate was smooth as silk, and just the moment to relax and truly experience the flavor made it taste so much better.  Sometimes I can pound down a handful of chocolates in the midst of a million other things that I am doing, and I don’t really enjoy it or even taste it.

Experiencing sex can be a lot like tasting chocolate. You can just go through the motions, or you can truly experience your spouse. You can taste him, smell him, hear his heart beat, see into the depths of his eyes, and feel his body tremble. You can truly know him.

Focusing on just one of your senses while you have sex, forces you to remain very present. It stretches the sense that you are focusing on, and forces you to learn new things.

So this week, let’s focus on the sense of taste. First,taste your husband all  by himself. Lick and kiss his body all over, and really taste him. Then  add some toppings and taste him with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Have fun and enjoy.

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