Ordinary Women Extraordinary Sex

I’ve been reading this great book by Sandra Scantling and Sue Browder called “Ordinary Women Extraordinary Sex”. It is a secular book and their goal was to study women that seemed to truly enjoy sex and experience passion at it’s finest. It is interesting to think about whether enjoyment of peak sex depends on your partner, the setting, your frame of mind, or something else? More and more, I am convinced that my mindset is the most important factor. It is when I am open to what God has for me, that I can experience His gift to the fullest.

The 6 facets of the supersexual mindset they identified were:

1.  the ability to quiet the mind

2. the ability to stay connected to what you love

3. trusting your partner and yourself

4. getting rid of the “shoulds”

5. cultivating a beginners mindset

6. enhancing your senses

Even though this is a secular book, I think each one of these concepts  easily translates to our journey as Christian wives.  I am going to spend each of the next 6 weeks exploring one of the facets and suggesting ways that we can grow to experience that facet.

couple-wrestling-fun-happy-play-fightingFor this weeks mission, let’s just have some fun. Sex is not supposed to always be serious so bring some playfulness into your marriage bed. How about a little coconut oil wrestling, or a tickle fest, or just trying some crazy position that requires you to bend like a gymnast. Just laugh and have fun. Feel free to share ideas for fun by adding a comment below.

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