Opportunity Knocks

opportunity-knocksSometimes I wonder where my day goes. Life is a whirlwind of church, kids, bills, laundry, cooking and work. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed and pretty soon,  I can feel like I am not running my life, but it is running me.  On March 14th from 7-9 pm at Plymouth Covenant Church, Tiffany Felty will teach a class called Opportunity Knocks, and I would encourage you to attend. She will talk about how we can intentionally make time to connect as a couple, as well as how to grab those moments that are not planned, but can make all the difference.

I also want to share a short article that a friend shared with me about marriage and this topic at http://wearethatfamily.com/2013/09/7-habits-of-a-hot-marriage-in-the-middle-of-monotony/#sthash.rdKSxYY7.H6QTE95q.dpbs

I am convinced that how we greet each other can have a huge impact on the attitude that fills the house for the rest of the night. How your husband is greeted can either tell him, “why aren’t you doing more to help, it’s me against you”, or “I am so glad you are home. We are in this together.”  This week’s mission is to greet your husband so that he knows, “I am so glad you are home. We are in this together.”  What does that mean in practical terms? Eye contact, connecting physically in some way, relaxing into each other, and focus yourself on him. See if it makes a difference.

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